Monday, March 30, 2009

Smart Music Mondays, Volume 5.

Happy Monday, folks... hope everyone had a great weekend. Once again, back again with the new flavor in your ear.

This week's feature is from Assertive Wit at the spot, Coffee and My Voice...Essentials to Your Day.

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That's my two cents.

- Mr. Smart Guy.

Sometimes I think to myself:

"Self, you are one of God's personal jokes to see how long someone can TRY to exercise patience before truly snapping on someone".

I mean I NOT supposed to say anything to someone who BLATANTLY farts NEXT TO ME in the grocery store?

But let me tell you how it all went down...

I get up to the self-checkout and I smell something quite rotten eggish but I dismiss it as someone who needs to bathe. The grocery store I was in happens to have a lot of bums in front and from time to time, they'll make their way inside to buy one item they can afford. I figured one had walked by. That is until the cashier sprays ME with Febreze. I slowly put my tangelo down and turn towards her and as I was about to say "What the f*ck" out loud she says:

"My bad. My coworkers are rude"

But you had to spray me though? Really? As soon as I opened my mouth to ask why she had to spray ME, I caught a whiff of her coworkers ungodly bowel air in my mouth. I INSTANTLY wanted to throw up on them both. Her butt air smelled like a decaying animal that had been under a house for a good 30 days. And the following conversation...I couldn't have made this up IF I tried:

"I'm saying though, it's a normal body function"

"Yes, it is but you could at least walk AWAY from customers"

"They know it's a normal body function"

"True but you couldn't walk away so they wouldn't know it's DEFINITELY you? You're so rude"

Security guard decides to put in his two cents, "Everyone knows about the "walk away"; that's the least you could have done. That's rude to your coworkers AND the customers".

A manager happens to walk by and catch a whiff in his nostrils. Apparently this employee is known for letting it rip. It was confirmed when she said:

"I mean when I'm shopping or in the club, I do the walk away but hell, I'm not holding in no gas for nobody"

The security guard (a man) is now grossly appalled at this woman and says "you be farting in the club? you foul as hell". At this point, I guess the manager chimes in and all I could pick up as I walked past her MAKING SURE she saw my look of disgust, something about in the employee manual there is a section about behavior at work and this was not exemplary.

People like this STILL have jobs...why?

- Assertive Wit

DBLS iTunes Shuffle: Daniel Russo
DJ Vadim - Saturday
DJ Muro - Untitled
I.N.T. - Effection
Whitefield Brothers - Yakuba
Pete Rock Instrumental
Aardvarck - Smurf
Isjberg - Stop
Asa - 360
Bellereuche - 13.6.35
Braille - Hardrock
Freddie Scott - You Got What I Need
Lord Finesse; Double XX Posse - Money Talks Instrumental
Pac Div; Dom Kennedy; Mykel - On Off Switch
Dutchmassive - Kelleys Dream
Incognito - Step Aside (Dmitri & DJ Meme Remix)
Raw Artistic Soul; Wunmi - Oya O
ATBAN Klann - Goin For A Ride
Anthony Hamilton - Im a Mess Instrumental
Velben - Madhouse
Raphael Saadiq; Teedra Moses - Chic
Camp Lo - Ticket 4 2
Buillon - Time For Us All To Love

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Stevie Wonder - Innervisions
If you're looking real music, look no further. Albums don't get any better than this. Turns out all the extremely positive reviews claiming this to be Stevie Wonder's best, or second best album, are completely true.

You have positive vibes, meaningful lyrics in every song that common people can relate to (even in today's world) and you have a lead singer with one of the most beautiful and sincere styles I've ever listened to. To top it all off, Stevie Wonder has an incredible talent and gift for vocal melodies and instrumental playing that just makes you feel comfortable immediately. Truly a fantastic talent.

Of course most of us already know and love "Higher Ground" and "Living in the City" because those songs receive a lot of radio play, even to this very day, and for good reason- they are highly memorable songs.

Other highlights include the dreamy and adventurous "Visions", the poppy and catchy "Too High" and "Golden Lady", and the upbeat and pleasing "Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing". Also, you will probably be singing along to the closing track called "He's Misstra Know-It-All" because the vocal melody is REALLY catchy.

The entire album is an absolute delight for vocal melody lovers, and it's easy to see the appeal of Stevie Wonder and his great songwriting abilities when you listen to Innervisions.

An album I highly recommend.


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