Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Smart Files: Kommen Sinse Says - Sometimes It Be's Like That

by Kommen Sinse

I was sorta having a mental crisis when deciding what to write about. Was I gonna write about what I originally wanted to do? Which was the Male Guide to Cheating the Smart Way or write about all these entertainers kicking the proverbial bucket? I decided to just talk a little bit about last week. First Ed McMahon died, then Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson died, then pitchman extraordinaire Billy Mays dies. Seriously, this was a bad week for entertainment. Now I was talking my highly offensive opinionated friend Royal King about Michael's death. I hit him with a text and let him know what has happening.

Kommen Sinse: R u watching the news?
Royal King: No....i'm on 2. [the bike]
KS: Mike just died.
RK: Mike who?
RK: Which 1? Blk Mike died a long time ago.
KS: How u gonna say sum shit like that?
RK: Easy. U kno it's tru. The man was a music genius, but he wasn't all there. Nt hving a childhood'll do that 2 u. Besides he was bleached.
RK: Besides, he's still alive 2 me. His music still go hard.
KS: Tru.
RK: $100 all they talk about is neg shit. U kno how the media does it.
KS: They already doggin him.
RK: Oh well....he's n heaven wit Pac, Biggie, Marvin, Frankie, Sammie D, JMJ, Big L, Big Pun, getting bent.

Anyway, RK hit it on the head when it came to the negative. They hopped all over it. Sad really that a man so great died in nothing but controversy. You never really knew how big of a role he played in your life until one of his songs comes on and you get to singing it. So many good times in your life can be linked to that man. I went to a Michael Jackson concert long ways back, to see the love those people had for him was crazy. He will be missed...both of them. [RK you are a damn fool. Now I see why no one likes your ass....LMAO! I texted him that and his reply was: I wasn't put here for people to like me knee-grow....LOL! Good write though.]

I'll tell you what though, All the Farrah talk ended the moment that dude died though. Farrah was my first wet dream for real. It may be TMI, but damnit if she wasn't fine as hell when I was just figuring out how my paynus works. In fact, I credit Farrah for making me realize I love women. I saw her, my dick got hard. I see ladies that looked like her...my dick got hard. She hung around for 4 years fighting cancer. Gotta love the spunk in that Angel.

Anyway, I wasn't gonna take up too much of your day, seeming as how, I can tell yawl already don't do shit at work. If yawl had the time to read this, I know yawl don't work. I'll do the Male Guide to Cheating the Smart Way next week. I got all these tips from the ladies fellas, and believe me this shit is interesting. Until next time yawl....

Rest In Power

Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson & Billy Mays

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