Monday, January 25, 2010

Smart Music Mondays, Guest Edition: LoudPen

Happy Monday, folks. Hope all is good. My weekend was great (kinda wish it was still going on) and it was so good, I decided take today off. I decided awhile back that I would feature someone at least once a month so please let me know if you'd like to grace this spot!

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This week's edition is being handled by the non-quiet one, LoudPen. You can check her out over at The Loudest Pen Ever.


What up Paper Chasers it's ur gurl LoudPen with this week's Say What?! "Quote of the Week" which is I'm Ready by Tevin Campbell. This will be the first post to kick off the Tevin Campbell series. I wanted to start the new year off with one of my tween crushes, because, Tevin had a beautiful voice and his music definitely impacted my life.

For those who don't know Tevin Campbell was an R&B artist who was most popular in the mid-90s. He was born in Dallas, TX and was discovered by Quincy Jones. Tevin has released four albums total and his most popular album was I'm Ready which he released in 1993. I'm Ready is by far my favorite Tevin album. Every song, verse, and beat is so smooth! Tevin certainly some swagger as a young man. I hear he has gotten into trouble in his adult life, but, y'all know I don't delve in gossip.

Anywho, the song I'm Ready is a groove track, but, it's the lyrics that take you to the next level. And the way Tevin sings them...with such passion and emotion, you start to think maybe this kid knows a lil something about love. Or at least BabyFace does since he wrote it, but, Tevin definitely delivers. Songwriting is essential, but, the way that the songwriting is delivered matters too. This song is about a man who has been left by his girl, but, he's still willing to wait for her. Basically, he is ready for her no matter what even if she doesn't stay with him.

If you think about it, that's a beautiful concept for a song. It shows true unconditional love, the idea of loving a person no matter what they do or say. Unconditional love can be unhealthy if the feelings aren't reciprocated or if the couple is unhappy but seeking to stay together even though the love has died. In the case of I'm Ready, it seems that Tevin should cut his losses and move on. However, Tevin insists on staying by her regardless of the fact that he knows she will leave him again. Like he sings in the song, "I am the fool you call me".

And there it is. This is ur gurl Loudpen making you say, Say What?!

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