Monday, January 11, 2010

Smart Music Mondays, Hello 2010!

Yeah, I know I'm late as it's already 11 days into the New Year but I'm back again...
I hope everyone has been adhering to their New Years resolutions. I know I have - which was not do any resolutions!

I ain't doin' nann one.

Because those rules are made to be broken and honestly, I'm more about long-term improvement.

The real reason is because I'm a procrastinator.

I'm super excited about the new changes for the site this year and that I have heat in my house for the first time all winter. Single degree temperatures will do that to you. In honor of that, I decided to dedicate a little song to you guys.

Just insert heat instead of swag that word I've stricken from my dictionary and we've got another winner!javascript:void(0)

Be on the lookout for more mixtapes, surprises and (insert drum roll) giveaways!

Take it easy, folks!

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