Friday, June 25, 2010

My Life With MJ.

The other day, I was lurking on perusing Twitter, catching up on my timeline while on a break at work when I ran across an interesting tweet.

Good morning, Twitter BEST not shut down tomorrow b/c you heauxs wanna talk about Michael Jackson dying exactly a year ago. #youdidntknowhim

The commenter went on to lambast fairweather fans for their emotional outbursts over the death of a legend, extorting that we didn't know him personally.

Well allow me to retort.

Michael Joseph Jackson has been a part of my life since as long as I can remember. Yes, indeed, MJ and I kicked it tough.

Back in the day, I was lil' Michael Jackson, forced to sing Billie Jean for company as they smiled and chuckled at the exuberance I exuded as I moonwalked across the room. (The Big Bro usually just sat back and laughed at my expense.) I even rocked the glove, complete with white socks and black shoes. After I tired of dancing, my older relatives would pinch my cheeks until they were sore and I would run off -- and turn on the radio.

Yes, I would rush out to perform as hard as I could --- down to the smallest of baby pelvic gyrations, trying to figure out why Billie Jean was not my lover.

I looked like Alfonso Ribero.

Not too long after that, I laughed until tears ran down my eyes as the Big Bro got his tail torn off for ordering a Michael Jackson watch COD from Time Life.

When Bad dropped, I would giggle (yeah, I said giggle) everytime he said "your butt is mine".

*stifles laughter*

I have to admit that I was a huge fan.

I remember my Big Mama telling me that stuff always happened in threes, whether it be good or bad. She sure was right because in 1991, I discovered The Box, Shamrock Shakes and the album, Dangerous.

It taught that it didn't matter if I was Black or White and challenged me to JAM while I remembered the times, especially those times where I entered into the most taboo of topics, MJ vs Prince: who was better?

*For the record, Michael wins hands down, except in the sex category - Prince beats him like a rented mule...*

It seem a little corny but these things shaped me, molded me into the man I am today.

With that being said, no --- I didn't know him personally. He didn't invite me to Neverland to kick it with him, Macauley and Bubbles but that's OK. He's still changed my life for the better.

Thanks for the memories, Mike.

That's my time.

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