Thursday, September 02, 2010

Swinging for the Fences.

The other day, I was having a conversation with a good friend of mine about some things and we got on the topic of dating. It seems this gentleman (who will remain nameless due to the stupid comments to follow) had a gripe about trying to find a companion to spend time with in today's society and lamented about how hard it was to find the right person. I've had my share of pitfalls going back and forth in the dating game but I can't say that my compadre made it easy on himself. This guy insisted on pursuing a particular type of woman he was interested in and refused to budge from his list of lust.

This wouldn't be so bad if he were looking for specific items like literacy, no venereal diseases or possessing a full set of teeth. No, no - he wanted things like: must be a size 4 or smaller, shorter than 5'5 and absolutely no children. Keep in mind, he is an educated dude with a nice heart but the good Lord didn't necessarily bless him with rugged looks or a salary to compensate for those things.

I had to stop and let him know this sound piece of advice:

Instead of trying to find someone to be the perfect mate, stop being picky and just find A DATE.
Hey, that rhymed. No Al Sharpton.

Seriously though, you'd be surprised what's waiting out there. It's not all bad out there.

Yes, I know it's shocking.

After setting him straight, I jumped back on to chat with a few more of my friends and the homie Buffalo Wings hit me up to catch me up on some things. It seems that Buff hooked up an jobless acquaintance with a lead on some employment and that person neglected to even follow up on the lead because "the paper wasn't large enough".

Cue Antoine Dodson.

Last time, I checked zero plus zero equals zero. I'd much rather have my pockets filled with extra medium paper rather none at all.

I'm just sayin'...

Again, stay in your lane.

Stop swinging for home runs.

You'll get yours in due time.

That's my time.
Before I let you go (no BlackStreet), let me know if I'm off-base or if you know any of these delusional folks out here in the streets.

- Smart Guy
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