Monday, February 06, 2006

power supply...

Pussy is a whole different aspect of

Wars don' started
from country to country, over they women

Pussy, is one of the most powerful thangs in the

And a lot of
people don't understand how powerful pussy is

Pussy make niggas, blow they brains out, they
bitch brains out

Uh, uh,
pussy makes people do thangs they never would think they'd do…

- Devin the Dude

There is power in the POWER. Guttural and repetitious, but true. Women have used it since Victoria first found her secret itself. Think about it: Why in the world was Adam so damn gung-ho to taste the forbidden fruit? He was swayed by the thought (and innate power) of tasting Eve's forbidden fruit.

Men of every color and walk of life succumb to that power everyday. Look at Bill the Thrill. Why else would a president risk the power of his office and the trust of his voters to get some throat action behind the presidential desk in the Oval Office? (We all know Bill got more that from Monica but we’ll go with his story).

However it came down (pun intended), Bill was just one of countless men indebted to the POWER. Men submit to it every second of every day (hell, I'm one of them – and I’m lovin’ the POWER like a fat kid loves cake). If this all sounds too harsh or too unpleasant for you, then you're in denial about the unsympathetic reality of everyday life.

Have you ever noticed how the only things that dudes are afraid of are the things that their significant others will be upset about? Most of us live in fear that our women will find out what we’re doing and somehow punish us (probably by holding out – damn POWER). Women? They don’t care. They’ll do what they want, and dare us to give them lip about it. Any dude who’s ever articulated the words “you need ANOTHER pair of shoes?” and subsequently gotten “the look” knows exactly what I mean. And what do you do? That’s right, just stand there and take it – that’s the POWER.

Now don’t be discouraged, fellas, or get into a state of panic over it. This isn’t a new development, and it doesn’t threaten our manhood any more than it did 5 minutes ago. This is the way it’s always been. Think about it. As a kid, who ran everything? Momma. She told you what to do. She told everyone what to do (and still does). And you listen. Or ELSE. Why? Because she has the POWER – the POWER to bring you into this world and the POWER to take you out (all women do – some just don’t execute it as well as others). To quote a line from the Player’s Club; women use what they have to get what they want.

The POWER is what it is: It's the beginning of life and what makes life more enjoyable for all who enter. And that's where trouble starts -- entering the entrance. The one logical and lucid thing I’ve ever heard about sex was that when a man enters a woman, it's volatile. More explosive than laxatives mixed with a night of extra-hot enchiladas and grandé margaritas.

The power of the p-u-s-s-y
That's why every motherfucker in the
world dress fly

baller that can afford it, they cop the best ride

For the power of the p-u-s-s-y, let's have some

S-s-y, that's why
niggas get they hair cuts, try to dress fly

Every baller that can afford it, he cop the best

For the power of
the p-u-s-s-y…

- Jay-Z

Men never want to admit how attached we are to the POWER, but we are. We will risk everything -- marriages, houses, careers, children, (hell, the fate of the world) -- for just a taste, a few seconds to backstroke in warm glory. Hell, to be honest, half of the things we purchase are for women. The only reason why I have a car is that I can’t go out on a date on the bus. (Whatever happened to falling in love with a nigga a bus pass – just cuz you loved a nigga…) Ankle Express just won’t do it – so we conform, suck it up and spend money we don’t have. We clean up our cribs, put the toilet seat down and keep fancy things around the house like coasters and fabric softener.

Ultimately, the POWER is more than what it's used for, because it's an icon for control and peace. So shake what your momma gave ya, use it and don't abuse it - because when it comes to the POWER, when one decides to terminate the supply, another is getting ready to be turned on...

Just remember who has it, because she who uses it well, isn't a freak. She's just a POWERful woman who is using her God-given ability. Use the force – and do the damn thing…

Sorry about posting today - I'll be out of town tomorrow- back at cha on Wednesday – Jorge…

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