Tuesday, March 07, 2006

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What’s up, everyone? I hope you all had a good weekend… my time had this theme; much ado about nothing. I went to a basketball game Saturday and saw my team lose a game they should have won (with some help from the referees…), read a book, wrote a little bit and then proceeded to warm my computer chair with my butt for the rest of the weekend (don’t laugh; some of it was work-related). During that time, I had about several hundred Black folks call me (or text me) to let me know that Three 6 Mafia won the Oscar… frankly, I don’t give a damn. Hell, I’m not getting any of the proceeds (and I refuse to cheer for someone named Juicy J or Crunchy Black). The defining moment was last year when Jamie Foxx won for Ray. It was the first time a Black person won without having to degrade themselves... but anyway, enough about that; I’m getting off-track...

While I was on the Internet, making love to my keyboard, I engaged in a conversation with a friend about relationships and our lack of success in them. I began to ponder the thought of trying to procure the “perfect” companion. That is almost impossible to find. So many people are trying to do the same thing… it’s like going shopping. Folks are trying to find that right fit for them, the thing makes everyone say “that is so you”.

Think about it. How many times have you walked into a store; looking for something specific, only to find something better? It’s like it was sitting there, waiting for you to pick it up. Have you ever had something and put it back, only to find out to it was gone when you came back to get it? You know, see something nice and try it on; possibly carry it around like it’s yours already. All of a sudden, you begin to talk yourself into believing it that it won't look right on you when you get it home and ultimately refrain from buying it. I’m very guilty of this (and I periodically kick myself for not taking care of that purchase when I had the opportunity).

Sometimes we do the same things in relationships. We tend to go after the unattainable – (you know, when you’re a 16 squeezing into a 6…) or the safe thing (this was 25% off) and try to force ourselves into a situations that we don’t belong in. You see it all the time… you’re quiet and reserved, she’s the “life of the party” extrovert. You are extra trendy, and he prefers white T’s, jogging pants and Timberlands. You are determined to get the most out of what you have without considering that there might be something else out there that is better for you. It’s cool to have arm candy but it’s nice to have the whole package as well. True beauty only lasts for so long.

Next time, when you’re out shopping… remember that if it’s available, there may be a reason behind that. Make sure you leave no hanger empty, no aisle uncombed and no tag checked out. It’s not an easy task to do this… but we all know it’s hard out here for a pimp.

That’s my time – until next time…
- Jorge
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