Thursday, May 04, 2006

double time...

Hello, everybody. Let me forewarn you that this edition is a bit different than my usual entries. I am upset. Peeved. Annoyed. Pissed-off and tired of being pissed on. Angry about the judgments and stereotypes society has passed on. Men and women will never be considered equals. Why is that, Jorge? Because - there are too many double standards floating around.

The idea for this topic came to me from a situation that was brought to me in a discussion the other day. I was talking to my friend, Iron Mike about life and the subject of work came up. He was telling me that he was brought under fire over a comment he made to a female colleague. She took offense and reported him to a higher-up. The people at the office automatically branded him as a pervert and began to treat him differently. Why? Why does a man automatically have to be a pervert for a comment? Why is the woman generally perceived to be the victim?

I have been the "victim" of harassment before. I have had women comment on my physical features, tell me what they want to do with me and some have even been bold enough to go out of their way to fondle me. Not that I minded some of the attention, but some of it made me rather ill. I guess I'm a punk now - I mean, what dude doesn't want someone fawning over him? Isn't that what everyone wants?

There are a number of other issues as well on my mind:
Why is it that if a woman gets beat down and calls the police, you know the man is going to jail; but if a man calls the police after getting his ass whipped, he is a PUNK! When I was younger, I had a "friend" who was being bullied by a girl. Never mind the fact that she was 5'10", 215 and he was 4'7", 110; he was a sissy. That still tears me up to this day... uh, I mean him... come on, people - she looked like a stunt double for Suge Knight. That was not a fair fight!

Rape. Yes, men can be raped - and I'm not talking about Tiny Tim in Cellblock 4. I'm talking about women using force or deception to get the goodies. Rape of males by females is widely, but incorrectly, considered impossible because if a man gets hard, society sees this as being a willing participant, when, in fact, it could be involuntary. Especially when you have fools around here popping blue diamonds like Pez... take too many of those and you'll have more wood than a forest preserve.

Why is that if a woman sleeps with numerous partners, she is considered to be a hoe - but if a man does it, he's a pimp? To paraphrase the great Andre 3000: A woman is not a ho, she just knows what she wants out of life. More power to those who share that belief. In the court of Jorge, you are only deemed promiscuous if you are diseased ridden and do not use any discretion when selecting your partners; other than that, let free love ring!

That's enough out of me today... I can't think of anything else because men are generally more lazy... oh, wait - is that a double standard, too? Too late now - I'm leaving the rest of these things up for discussion - see y'all on Tuesday!

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