Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Choice IS Yours...

Good morning/afternoon, speak™ readers. I am feeling rather introspective this morning, as I was demolished by a milk truck on the way to work – but that's neither here or there. To me, what is important today are the many thoughts swimming through my mind. I reflected back to a conversation I had with my friend, Lady in the Streets. Lady informed me that she was having trouble finding a man that matched her personality and could conquer her stubborn ways.

Here is an excerpt from that conversation:
Jorge, what's wrong with me? I'm having so much trouble finding a good man because I'm an opinionated woman.
[half-paying attention; we've had this conversation more than once] Huh? What did you say? I was watching the game.
I'm serious. I can never find a man who can give me what I want.
[mumbling inaudible comments – still watching the game] Why is that?
I need a take-charge type of man, one who doesn't take no for an answer.
So you want to someone to make your choices for you?
No – I just want someone who can put me in check when I need it…
How do you know when you need it?

Needless to say, that conversation went back and forth for a good thirty minutes and I still didn't understand her point. Lady definitely was an opinionated woman who would argue anyone down who dared defy her thoughts (even if they were wrong) but yet she wanted a man that the ability to quell her opinion. Scenarios like that generally end up in bad situations – just because you can never be sure when he/she wants to be subdued. In the real world, no does not always mean no. Sometimes no just means not now, but maybe after more "assistance".

I am not the dude that is about to suffer the consequences of misconceptions.

I meant yeah, but I said no – you're supposed to know the difference.
How is one supposed to decipher what the difference is? Is today Reverse Day, like bad is good? This frustrates me to no end but I can't say that I haven't submitted to that way of bass-ackwards thinking either. In certain situations, I have been prone to pull a "you should know" out of my pocket…

Nevertheless, the blog today is not about what I feel – it's about sparking conversation. Does no always mean no? When is OK for it to be yes? How does one know the difference? Speak your mind...

- Jorge
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