Friday, June 16, 2006

Time's A Wasted.

Good morning/afternoon, speak™ readers. I hope you all having a great day, doing [fill-in great activity/work function]. I'm in the process of feigning interest in my real work and periodically checking and commenting other people's blogs; but in all honesty, I'm deep in thought.

The other night, I was immersed in an analytical conversation with my friend, Pearly Gyrl. We were discussing several topics and one just sprang out: Why is life's clock slightly off? It can play itself out in the cruelest of ironies.

Meditate on this if you will:

You are running late for work and these thoughts are rushing through your head as you rush to get out of the door.

Man, I knew I should have set my alarm clock to get up earlier… [Panting heavily]
I have one more warning left – and I might get fired!
I can't afford to lose this job…
Speed the h*** up! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! (As if assaulting your horn will make them drive faster…
If only I had went to sleep and not stayed up on the computer, looking at Myspace – I wouldn't even be in this mess.

Fifteen minutes – the difference between a promotion and permanent demotion…

Unfortunately, I've been on the ass end of that last scenario (sans the Myspace). I lost a job because I was late to work because my engine blew out on me, two days before Christmas. I was left with no money, no way to make money and alone because my roommates had gone away for the holidays.

However, life's timing has a way of leveling things off. Without me losing that job, I would have been stuck in a job I hated, trying to make ends meet. Instead, it set off a series of circumstances to lead me to my current job, which led me to have enough money to buy a computer, so that I can write to my heart's content and bore you all with my stories of randomness.

With that being said, life is largely made up time and fate. There is a reason why you do or don't have millions of dollars at this current juncture in your life. There is why you have several children or have none at all. Things are supposed to be that way… but what would you do with the opportunity if it was given to you?

Would you rewind back to your first time and coach yourself to aim for the right hole?

Would you go back to your first job – and only take an hour of lunch?

Would you have pursued that degree in film instead of hiding that camera in your closet?

To be honest, there are some things I'd go back to. I'd tell my hormone-engorged self not to move too fast – that things will come in due time. I'd make myself be more focused, work out more, read a book a day, invest in some stocks… all in all, be more responsible. Sounds like the right thing to do – doesn't it?

Whose to say that things wouldn’t turn out the same, in spite of your attempts to change things? My advice is to be happy with what you have, make the most of it and take advantage of every opportunity you get.

Have a good weekend.

- Jorge

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