Friday, April 24, 2009

Dream On.

Why is everything that's supposed to be bad, make me feel so good? Everything they told me not to - is exactly what I would....- Kanye West

Awhile back, I received a phone call from my homie, Pearly Girl. It started off as the regular casual catching-up conversation – you know: how's work; health; have you been getting laid, family, etc. – and we ended up delving into her current relationship.

Pearly Girl has been involved with a gentleman for several weeks now and things have been advancing through the various levels of Relationship Land. They spend a lot of time together and things of the like – and he seems like a really good dude on paper: older (so he's bound to be more mature), nice job, no criminal record, all of his limbs and original teeth – a real keeper . Of course, if he was really Mr. Perfect – I'd have nothing to write about...

With that being said, things were hunky-dory between the two of them when he dropped the bomb on her that he might have a baby on the way.

What the funk?!!!

How does one not know if they have a baby on the way?
How bad is your choice in women that you would have unprotected sex with a woman who isn't sure if you're the father?

This had all the makings of a Maury Povich Show but again I'm digressing - so back to the lecture at hand.

One would think that upon seeing that, the person involved would run away faster than Ne-Yo from a female a fugitive from the pen – but again, that was not the case. Miss Pearly, being the warm and kind soul she is, gave the guy a chance anyway. Everything was cool between the two of them – except some of her friends didn't like him. Clearly they just didn't get a chance to really experience what he's really like. There was no real reason to object about him, they just didn't know him like she knew him.

Personally, I've been pulling for the guy. It's nothing like walking into a situation with judgment already cast against you before anything good can come to fruition due to unnecessary stereotypes. Well, let me rephrase that: I was pulling for the guy. During their time together, he's started to show his true colors. He's been arrested for a DUI, is sometimes emotionally abusive and the anonymous seeds planted in the secret garden of the fertile chick's bedroom are beginning to blossom.

[Cue the organist.]

And it's
strikes, you're OUT
at the ol' ballgame…

At least, I was sure that Pearly was singing the hell out that song and had every intention of showing her beau the end of the road but she had other ideas. She told me that she knew that he was bad for her and that she had no belief that things were going to last long-term between the two of them. That makes great sense – if she ended things right then and there – but she didn't and still hasn't. I didn't expect her too, though… cuz she's been 'flicted; stricken down by a disease known as BDS (the Beautiful Dreamer Syndrome).

I know you might be wondering what BDS is – so I will do my best to give you a short description. BDS is a disease that affects the brain, heart and genitalia – causing you to make irrational decisions about common-sense things and unsettling the coolest of customers.

Some of the symptoms include:

* forgetfulness (sometimes you even forget you that you even have friends)
* nausea (you make others sick with your stupidity)
* sudden loss of hearing (you can't hear what people are saying to you)
* blindness (you can't see what's going on right in front of your face)
* increased sensitivity (everything rubs you the wrong way)

To quote the illustrious Zero K: Being in a dead-end situation is like walking into quicksand knowingly – where one walks into a hazardous situation knowing full well that there is a good chance that they won't ever be rescued. That makes you as on-point as a pencil with no lead.

However, the good news is that it is curable – provided you can deal with the medication. It involves you cutting off the dead weight (i.e. the relationship) and moving on with your life, no matter how bitter the taste it leaves inside. That's my time – so let me know your thoughts about this: why do people put themselves in situations that they know they cannot possibly succeed in yet hope that they will?

- Mr. Smart Guy
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