Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Smart Files: You Get What You Deserve....

by Kommen Sinse

Apparently, some people don't believe fat meat is greasy. I was taught at a very early age lessons are meant to be learned. You all know what I'm talking about. You play with fire you might get burned. Stick something metal into a socket you may electrocute yourself. You play with vicious wild animals and they may eat you. Say it with me now....shit that should be common sense things not to do. I know self-preservation is high on my priority list.

Kommen Sinse's Life Priorities

1. Self-preservation (If crazed maniac is chasing me, I'll trip you.)
2. Getting money (Shit, money makes me happy!)
3. Getting head (I'm shallow....sue me.)
4. Family (See....I'm not that bad.)
5. Getting more head. (Knew being good wouldn't last.)

Anyway, you will never catch me in the woods in West Virginia because of the Blair Witch and Wrong Turn. Really....is camping in the woods that much fun to be out there trying to reconnect with nature? My opinion....no. Have you seen the inbred bastids in Wrong Turn? LMAO! If I wanna reconnect with nature I'll try to stick my pen.... I'm sure I can find a nice young lady to engage in physical activities with me.....naked.
I say all of that to say this, when you blog about people, especially famous people and you are usually coming as close as you can to slander without doing it. Expect to get your ass whooped every now and again. If you don't know or haven't heard Mario Lavandeira aka "Perez Hilton" got punched in Toronto, by the Black Eyed Peas tour manager. I don't like Perez anyway, so of course I laughed after reading this shit. Look at the sad look on his face. Yeah mudda sucka! You got punched in ya shit. Man up and fight back. The killer part is, he brought this on himself. I'm sure sometime in your lives someone has told you, you've told someone, or you've heard someone say, "Your mouth is gonna get yo ass kicked." That's why I have no sympathy for people who run their mouths, then get their ass beat. If you read the statement this dude said in an interview, you'd prolly be like, "What an idiot!" I guess he was never taught common sense lessons as a child. I'mma let y'all read the story about him getting punched. Click here to read it.
Well that's my time people. Until next week....
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