Monday, June 15, 2009

Smart Music Mondays, One Four.

DJ Rahdu & Junior Star present R.I.S.E., Vol. 1 (2004)

Here's the newest mix that DJ Rahdu and Jr Star put together to promote an event that they were doing at the time, R.I.S.E.

1. Mos Def & Vinia Mojica - Climb
2. Reflection Eternal; Les Nubians - Love Speakeasy
3. The Roots; Kali - One Shine
4. Faze-O - Riding High
5. Bill Withers - Lovely Day
6. Donald Byrd - Wind Parade
7. Lyn Christopher - Take Me With You
8. Labelle - Are You Lonely
9. Will.I.Am/Isley Bros. - Tell of Tales Remix
10. Meshell N'degeocello - Who is He & What is He to You Remix
11. Sly & The Family Stone - If You Want Me to Stay
12. The Marlon Malone Experience - Pushing
13. Q-Tip - Even If it Is So
14. Roy Ayers - Just keep Trying
15. DJ Presto - Flying High
16. Donnie - Rocketship
17. Jazzanova; Vikter Duplaix - Soon (DJ Jazzy Jeff Remix)
18. Stevie Wonder - Love Light in Flight
19. Loose Ends - Hangin' on a String
20. Dwele - Let Your Hair Down
21. Stateless - Falling Into
22. Atlantic Star - When Love Calls
23. Lucy Pearl - Dance Tonight Remix
24. Jill Scott - Golden
25. Maze - Before I Let Go
26. Rahsaan Patterson - Any Other Love
27. Common; Jill Scott - I am Music
28. De La Soul - Keepin the Faith 12" UK Mix

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Dwele - Subject

In the world of music, it gets harder and harder to categorize singers and musicians. Some have an outright influence and style that can place them under one umbrella, but most artists now-a-days fall into more than one genre, a cross breed of a few genres and who appeal to more than one market of fans.

Dwele started life off as an MC in Detroit, gaining recognition when he decided to produce a vocal album in his bedroom called "Rize" - quickly bootlegging it on the streets and selling 100 copies in a week...good job for that, as his album was passed from street to street and made it over continents with whispers of his raw talents. MCing in a a Detroit hang out called Cafe Mahogany, in 1996, Dwele met prodigal rap meisters Slum Village, and provided the vocals for their massive hit "Tainted". Before Dwele even released the "Subject", he'd worked with the likes of Raphael Saddiq, BBQueen, remixed stuff for Lucy Pearl and London's own New Sector Movement and even went on a little tour, appearing with rap guru's Mystic, Phife (Dogg) and Phat Kat.

So what about this album? The title relates to his "subject" on this album... that being women (something I can definitely relate to LOL). Carefully crafting together very smooth vocals with catchy melodies, this album has pushed Dwele into the realms of the genre "Nu-Soul" or "Neo Soul" - a combination of slow seductive soul, with jazz, hip-hop and R&B influences. When I first heard this album, I likened him to soul stars before him, such as Maxwell, D'Angelo, Eric Benet and Bilal, but his sound is incredibly different from the above artists, yet suprisingly not because his beats are heavy due to his MCing background, but because he is a MC who has found his earthy voice.

My Personal Picks.
Day At A Time
Kick Out Of You
Without You

Bump it. As track by track went by, I had no urge to press the skip track button once. I'm sure you'll be doing the same....

Tracklisting and joints after the jump.

1 Intro (Poppa Yo)
2 Truth
3 Find A Way
4 Twuneanunda (Possible)
5 Interlude (A.N.G.E.L.)
6 Day At A Time
7 Subject
8 Sho Ya Right
9 Money Don't Mean A Thing
10 Hold On
11 Kick Out Of You
12 Without You
13 Interlude (Whoomp)
14 Lady At Mahogany
15 Let Your Hair Down
16 Possible


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