Monday, August 10, 2009

Smart Music Mondays, Nineteen.

Your week is about to come alive with the latest from BamaLoveSoul’s own DJ Rahdu. A musical experience that takes you from mood to mood as it grooves through the best in soul classics, nu soul, hip hop, broken beat, & funk. This eclectic mix filled with trailblazing artists makes you think “damn, he’s playing all my favorite tracks… even though I’ve never heard them before.” The familiarity of each song pulls you into a zone of musical euphoria, and as you complete one genre and travel oh so smoothly to the next, you mentally experience all the flavors music has to offer. An inherent urge to hit the replay button upon each ending, will eventually make you aware that you my friend, have been Culture Shocked.

1. Vicki Anderson; Bobby Byrd - You’re welcome, Stop On By - Mother Popcorn - Vivid Sound
2. 9th Wonder instrumetal - CD-R
3. DJ Babu - Dee On - Beat Tape, Vol. 1 - Nature Sounds
4. Erykah Badu - The Healer - Nu Amerykah - Universal/Motown
5. Pete Rock; Leela James - No Tears - Soul Survivor 2 - Rapster
6. G&D - Time - Message Uni versa - Look
7. Coultrain - Lilac Tree - The Adventures of Seymour Liberty - Ju Ju Dust
8. Byron the Aquarius - Turn Back Time - CD-R
9. Sa-Ra; Rozzi Daime - So Special - The Hollywood Recordings - Babygrande
10 DJ Spinna - Starz - Compositions - Female Fun
11. Busta Rhymes - Woo-Hah! Got you All In Check! - the Coming - Elektra/WEA
12. Quantic Soul Orchestra - Raw Ingredients - Stampede - Tru Thoughts
13. The Bamboos; Tyra Hammond - Head In the Clouds - Rawville - Tru Thoughts
14. El Michels Affair - Detroit Think Twice - Sounding Out The City - PID
15. Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings - How Long Do I Have to Wait For You (Ticklah Remix) - Daptone Records Remixed - Daptone Records

Listen up when you get a chance....

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IBTres - Honorable Mention

I got that Penny, holla if ya hear me, uhhh! I'm sorry there was no purpose to that last sentence, I just wanted to say it. But anyways, I'm back on My Two Cents with my $0.02 for Smart Music Mondays. This week's, Album of the Week is from my new favorite rapper. I know, it's a cliche to like rap what with the state of Hip-Hop and all, but, this chick is dope. Her name is IB3 or IBtres which stands for Ingrid Burley to the third power.

I stumbled upon her mixtape, Honorable Mention, a few months ago on Twitter, and I've been hooked to it ever since. She's like the female, suburban version of Jay-Z. I mean she's got a sassy swag, it's gangsta, but, it's feminine at the same time. And she raps like HOV would if he'd grown up in burbs of H-Town, TX. I guess, that's because, Jay is one of her biggest influences. She pays homage to her idol several times throughout the record and the product is totally dope. She does this specifically on Dead Presidents 07, and we all know the first one was a classic.

What I like best about her is that she keeps it "real". When I say real, I mean she talks about what is going on in her life, and where she is from. It is not simple snap & dance music to a hot beat, or boasting about your chains, your hoes, or your money, or all of the above. She raps about her friendships, how she likes to party, and laments about the current state of Hip-Hop.
Anyways, check the album, because, it's definitely worth an Honorable Mention in my book.

The Pen Has Spoken.


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