Monday, November 02, 2009

Smart Music Mondays, Two Four Five and Some Change.

Flwrpt. - Autumn

Front Cover

The Message

Autumn is different from the traditionally creations. It's a mix of deep house, nu-soul, r&b, and electronic music. It’s all about the vibes this go-round, hopefully you all can feel it! Enjoy…

Check out the sound!

Download Here:
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Download Autumn.


Listen Now:

Eric Roberson – N2U
N’Dambi – Call Me
Aya – Love Yourself
Stevie Wonder – My Love Is On Fire (DJ Spinna Remix)
Peven Everett – Time After Time
Alison Crockett – Crossroads ( DJ Spinna Remix)
Andre 3000 – She Lives In My Lap
Stephanie McKay – Peace & Quiet
Masinuh – Construction
Soulquarians – Saturday Night
Jamiroquai – Alright
Vikter Duplaix – Grover (Remix)
A.G. Thomas – The 1, 2
Randy Watson Experience – Grover III
Tony Toni Tone – I Couldn’t Keep It To Myself
Dam-Funk – Fantasy
Alison Crockett – U R
Danny Madden – Facts of Life
Peven Everett – Stuck
Dam-Funk – Mirrors
Shafiq – Love Still Hurts

Geno Young - The Ghetto Symphony

1. Introlude
2. Throw Your Hands
3. She Won't Talk To Me
4. Honeydew
5. Broadway
6. I Really Do
7. Let's Lay Down
8. Man With Nothing To Lose
9. Broadway Live
10. Do What You Do
11. I Get So Wrapped Up In You
12. Was It A Love Song (Ramp)
13. Love Beyond Compare

Download Here.

Listen to it & enjoy...

I'm kinda diggin' the shortened stuff so I'll be implementing a few changes soon...

Last night, I was online working on a few things and I decided to a break and check out Twitter. The trending topic of choice was #musicmemory, dedicated to musical memories and it seem to invoke a myriad of memories for many (sidebar: my alliteration game is proper - don't hate) and I decided to share some of mine (as well as my followers)

#musicmemory slow grinding to Keith Sweat How Deep Is Your Love in my cousin's birthday party

#musicmemory listening to moms play the 5 stairsteps ooh child after she whooped me or my brothers (also always made me think of the scene in Boyz In The Hood when Doughboy got arrested)

Ooh Child - Boyz N The Hood Soundtrack

#musicmemory listening to the luniz I got 5 on it wondering what "it" was... (I eventually found out firsthand)

#musicmemory making slow jam tapes from the radio - getting slick pissed if the dj came back on before the song was over

#musicmemory hearing rap for the first time: beastie boys-brass monkey - I was amazed and confused - wtf was the point of that song?

#musicmemory watching friday night videos (no cable) and trying to mimic dance moves

@asiakismet #musicmemory actually watching soultrain on saturdays.

@theothertoya #musicmemory Jagged Edge's "Gotta Be" part of my voicemail msg for my pager...LMBO!

@LorrenJade #musicmemory Freshman year of College, moving from Ohio to Nashville & being introduced to all the dirty south rap music! Lol

With all that being said, what are a few of your music memories?

Get @ me... (insert DMX growl)

Have a great week!

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