Friday, March 12, 2010

Weekly Wonderings, Vol. 1

Happy Friday, folks.

I'm in the midst of trying out something new here. Each week, I'm going to pose a question and post the responses I get on this here blog o' mine.

Sound good?

Alrighty then... here we go.

Today's question stems from a conversation I had last weekend with the homie, Zero K. We were conversing about past relationships gone awry and the things that led to the ultimate demise of them. One thing that stood out is that some of those people weren't truthful during these times, whether it was to us or to even themselves.

We found that as soon as the physical side of those relationships became involved in the deceit, most other things began to crumble. We compiled a list of things, more specifically, words uttered that usually ended up with someone singing some sad love song, off-key.

Here is that list (and a few others added by my Twitter family) along with my translation of what they really meant:

1. I used to like you.
Um, no - you still do. You're just saying it that way to avoid rejection if the other person doesn't like you back. It is usually followed by some wistful look of some sort. Don't fall for the okie-doke.

2. You betta stop.../You need to stop playin'...
Usually, this is said with a whisper or a sly grin. More than likely, it is an open invitation to continue. [Smart Guy Sidebar: I don't like playing in gray areas. Either you say what you want or I will stop. I'm not trying to misconstrue your stop playing into a charge. I'm just sayin'.]

3. If I wasn't (in a relationship, drunk, half-asleep, on house arrest...)
Generally, when this is said, it is an excuse to gauge your interest and to avoid rejection. If a positive response is given, all of the uttered excuses above will go straight of the window.

4. I don't wanna disrespect your relationship.
See #3.

5. I was just thinking about you.../I miss you...
While this could actually be true, chances are it just sounds good.

6. (after being caught with someone else) That's just my friend.

You know men and women can't be just friends!!!!
I'm gonna need you to come with something more believable...

7. I don't mind just being your friend....
Provided you don't pick up another friend along the way...
If you do, all bets are off and eventually all hell will break loose.

I'm sure there are plenty more that I'm missing so I ask you all the same:
What are common phrases people use while dating that are generally lies?

Looking forward to seeing your answers...

Have a great weekend.

That's my time.
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