Friday, March 05, 2010

Computer Love.

It's funny how relationships transcend.

Boy meets girl. Boy courts girl. Boy proposes, girl accepts. Boy & girl get married, have 3 kids & a dog named Slappy.

Isn't that how society tells us how things go?

Unfortunately, things are never as cut and dry as that.

How many times have you met someone while at a grocery store? Your local fast-food restaurant? The alley by Ray-Ray and nem's?

A few times, perhaps.

The stark reality is that in the fast-paced society we rarely take time to talk to our neighbors, let alone go out and try to find someone new to cuddle with. We have become mundane, aloof, solitary figures who have become slaves to electronic devices (computers, PDA's, etc.)

It's so much easier to send an instant/text message to someone than to actually talk to them. Believe me, I do that quite a bit... sometimes it saves me from hearing about heavy cycles (not talking about Harleys, either), how ol' girl is this close to giving up the number and lettuce being on sale at the local supermarket.

We even start having relationships with people who aren't right in front of us.

Strangers one day, friends the next... and in some cases, more than that. You know, the dreaded cyber-connection. It all starts so innocently too.

Check out the scenario:

Random dude: Lemme jump on the [insert popular social networking site] thang and survey the area.
Random female: I'm only joining this to connect with my girls and reach out to people I haven't seen in a while.
Random dude: [browsing different pages] Yeah, she's fine as frog hurr, smart, hula hoops and likes German shepherds from France. That's my kinda chick. Let me send her a note.
Random female: [before reading note] Who is this dude? I don't know him. How did he get on my page?
Random female: [after reading note] He has a job, he's single and doesn't look like he's on the DL. Let me write him back.

All of sudden, you're swapping messages back and forth, anticipating the next funny thing he'll say or wondering about how good she smells. Then you decide that it's taking too long to wait on messages so you exchange information over instant messenger.

Now you're finding out intimate details about them, like what her biggest fear is and if he wants to have kids but yet your thirst is still not quenched. You yearn to know what if her laugh annoys you and if his voice is as deep as the smiley emoticon engraves into your imagination and the next thing you know, you've typed in your number.

Quick calls become six-hour conversations about any and everything. You grow attached to "your time" and pine away until the next time you talk them again. Things begin to get deeper and you find yourself wondering how you could have feelings for someone you've never seen in person - so you make up your mind to do something about it.

[cue harps]

It sounds all good and magical (like You've Got Mail), doesn't it? [Smart Guy Sidebar: On an unrelated tangent, aren't You've Got Mail and When Harry Met Sally the same movie? Just my perception.]

Back to the regularly scheduled blog!

It is; provided the person you've discussed your deepest darkest with is genuine but if they are not being as forthright, it can lead to trouble.

My homeboy definitely agrees.

"The advantage of online love is that you can put your best face forward... show people what you want them to see. When you meet someone in person, little insignificant things tend to dictate people's first impressions and cause bad judgment. For example, you might meet a fly-ass chick and really be feeling her, but you kinda look like one of her exes so she doesn't give a damn what is about to come out of your mouth, you don't have a shot with her. Stuff like that. But that can also be a disadvantage. Because people will show you exactly what they want you to see. They might exaggerate or out-right lie."

All in all, there are risks when dealing of affairs of the heart - no matter if they are in person or several continents away. Be real and make the most of any opportunity you have because you might be dealing with your soulmate. That's just my thoughts on the situation.

How do you feel about cyber-connections? Let me know.

In the meantime, I have a gift for you all...


1 Erykah Badu - Window Seat
2 Rob Van De Wouw - No Exit
3 Hi-Res - Thisworld
4 OutKast - Vibrate
5 Maxwell - Gravity: Pushing To Pull
6 Curren$y - Galaxy
7 SA-RA Creative Partners - Space Fruit (Interlude)
8 Grimeshine - Freefall
9 BUG - Cosmic Lab
10 Common - Nag Champa (Afrodisiac For The World)
11 Lonnie Liston Smith - Space Lady
12 DJ Spinna - Intergalactic Soul
13 Opolopo - Trips To The Moon
14 The Foreign Exchange - Brave New World
15 DJ Day X Miles Bonny - Skyy, Can You Feel Me
16 RogiƩrs - Come Into My World
17 Pharrell - Big White Spaceship
18 AFTA-1 - Pluto Moon
19 Green Tea - Cruise Control (Soul in the Hole Remix)

20 Jae London - Lost in Space (London's Suicide)
21 Nobody Beats the Beats - Moonlight
22 Michael Jackson - Off The Wall
23 Alicia Keys - Dreaming
24 Incognito - Everybody Loves The Sunshine
25 Chester French - What a World
26 Jamiroquai - Mr. Moon
27 Jazzanova - In the (Re)Mix (Starship Interpretation)
28 Stevie Wonder - Rocket Love
29 Eightball & MJG - Space Age Pimpin'
30 SA-RA Creative Partners - Fly Away
31 Joy Jones - Supernova
32 Peter Hadar - Planets
33 Lupe Fiasco - I'm Beaming
34 Tarika Blue - Dreamflower
35 Blu - Spacejive
36 Hollyweerd - Love My Outerspace
37 LMNO - P.O.A. (Piece Of Art)
38 Smooth Current - Restrain of Stars (Unmixed Demo Version)
39 Afefe Iku - The Unknown [Original Mix]

Until next time....
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