Monday, May 15, 2006

The Kwestions!

Jorge's note/introduction:

What's up, everybody? I hope all is well. Today's guest blog was written by my good friend, Groupies Say I'm 2 Choosey. This cat is EXTREMELY hilarious. I hope you all enjoy it as much I have. Without much further ado, THE KWESTIONS!

So, here's the scenario, you're in a good 3 or 4 week long friendship with that special gent/lady and things are going just fine and dandy - maybe a little smoochin' between the movie and the dinner, polite whispers during the cab ride, making you giggle but keeping the taxi driver suspicious as to just what the hell is so funny all in all, life's just looking great. The air smells fresh when you wake up and it seems you're feeling on top of the world as far as this dating thing.

All of sudden, then come the questions.

I can only speak from a male's point of view but I would like to open this up to the women to see if it works in reverse. Ladies, there are a series of questions that just might turn any great friend/courtship into a ticking time bomb of emotion and leads to imminent doom. And just a tip, just because you start the question with don't take this the wrong way or I don't want you freaking out and looking too far into it, but I was just wondering doesn't mean it takes the effect off of the inquiries.

For each of the questions, I provide 3 responses:

a. Tell her what she wants to hear for things to go further. Sometimes the guy is after the goods so bad, he'll stretch the truth (not my recommendation).

b. Tell her what she needs to hear for things to end tonight. Sometimes that's the guy's best bet, trust me.

c. Tell her what I want to tell her to keep things just as simple and plain as they were this morning in my eye (i.e. the most logical response).

1) Where do you see this going?

a. Honestly, I have never felt like this with anyone in the short time we've been doing this I feel like I'm closer to you than I am to my own self.

b. Whoa, you are really rushing things, I like you as a friend and I thought the reason we got along so well was because there was no sexual tension between us at all.

c. What we have going is rare and I think one of the reasons is we don't put a label on it or have any expectations I don't like to think of tomorrow if I woke up smiling today. Like the Fresh Prince said, if it ain't broke then, don't try to what? That's right, fix it.

2) Did you miss me?

a. Did the sun rise this morning? Of course I missed you; I missed you before you even left.

b. Come on now, are you gonna go girlie on me? We're just chillin', you know that.

c. If I did or if I didn't you're here now, aren't you? Let's order, I'm starving.

3) When was the last time you *insert desired verb* another girl besides me?

a. Wow, it's been a while - maybe 3 or 4 months?

b. Does today count?

c. So now we're playing the let's check his past game - I am here with you now, aren't I? Let's order, I'm starving.

4) What do you tell your friends about what we do?

a. Nothing, you're my special secret.

b. Nothing, we're not really doing anything worth mentioning to them

c. Nothing, I really don't want to put pressures on either of us by spreading how much fun this is. Let's order, I'm starving.

5) How do you feel about me?

a. Well, honestly I don't know if I can sum it up in words. I'd say I need you in my life like the world needs the sun and everyday although I know the horizon is a visual description of you leaving me, it's still the most beautiful site to my eyes and I know that in just a few hours, you'll come back to me again

b. Why does every girl want to know that? I feel however you think I feel.

c. I feel like your curiosity is going to ruin your appetite, let's order - you know the rest.

I know my sharing this tidbit isn't going to revolutionize the world in any way, but I just want to know if I'm in the wrong for feeling this way and for holding fast to the belief that if things are going fantabulous, why not leave things as they are and see where time takes us?
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