Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Loose Change

Good morning/afternoon, everyone. In the process of trying to write this morning, I got a call from my good friend, Zero K (also known as my partner-in-crime). He asked if I had a chance to listen to the tape he had sent me the previous week. Sheepishly I realized I hadn't but I was determined to listen to it right away. I grabbed the tape so that I could listen to it as I ironed my clothes for work. I grabbed my radio only to find there was no tape deck fixed to it.

No problem, I'll just use the one up front. That would have been a novel idea except there wasn't one up front --- or one even in my house, car or office. I started thinking to myself - where in the world have my tape decks gone? I know I used to have one

While that thought was forming, I began to think about a bigger quandary: when did the tape become the eight track?!!!

I remember laughing extra hard at Pops when he would be in the basement, fumbling around with his eight track player, trying to listen to the soundtrack of Superfly, just one mo' gin... while I strutted around with my sporty new Walkman, listening to a tape I just recorded off of the radio.

It's kind of odd when you realize that some things in life have faded and inexplicably have passed you by. With that being said, you have to just adapt with the times and roll with the flow. Old habits, ideals and technology have to be advanced into this day in age. Being a member of the generation that has spurred this change, it's my duty to catch you all up to speed --- so here it is:

Jorge's Guidelines to Coming Back to the Future.

Video games are no longer for kids.

Yes, I know this must be a shock to some to know that grown men play and openly covet video games but it is a booming industry, bringing in monies over 200 billion dollars a year. I was born in the time where video game systems were created. I went from Atari to Nintendo to Sega to Neo Geo to TurboGrafx 16 to Super NES to Dreamcast to Playstation to Dreamcast to Playstation 2 to Xbox --- and I plan on seeing the next generation of technology as well. To make it plain, it's ok that I'm 25 and I play Madden and games of that ilk. It does not mean that I am childish, immature and any other slanderous remark about youth. Let that nonsense ride and pass me a joystick. In addition...

Cartoons aren't either.

Cartoons have long been considered to be for children only but in this day in age, they are being crafted for adults. I think it had to do with a lot of kids having kids but that's neither here or there. The Simpsons have been around for 18 years how many kids can support that by themselves? I'm not ashamed to a fan of cartoons they have kept me far more entertained than some of these terrible sitcoms of network television. Give me some Shrek and a couple of episodes of the Boondocks and I'm good...

Old school is actually new school.

This one caught me by surprise. One day, I was walking to my apartment and I saw a younger guy wearing a Diff'rent Strokes t-shirt and some Adidas listening to Charlie Wilson. I looked at him, puzzled. When did it become cool to wear old stuff, other than at costume parties? I know if I did that growing up, my teeth would have been kicked in for dressing like an idiot my family has standards. By the way, I was Farnsworth before Farnsworth only kid rocking ties and blazers in kindergarten.

The milk won't spoil.
Remember the old adage: why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free? That might've rung true when the radio was more popular than television but nowadays you need to able to try stuff out before you make that investment. Who wants to be stuck with something they don't want a year after they purchased it? Not I says the cat!

(S)he's a lady.
It happened to me while walking down the street. I saw this lady, demure and petite; struggling with some bags and offered my assistance. She turned to me and said no, thank you in the softest little voice as her Adam's apple bounced harder than a check written by a crackhead. Needless to say, I was a bit nervous about that occurrence but it made realize that this is more and more common nowadays. I blame it on Mrs. Doubtfire, Big Mommas House, Nutty Professor and Dr. Phil.

I guess I have too much time on my hands --- ahh, well, guess I'll go listen to my trusty Walkman now... that's my time.

- Jorge
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