Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Trending Tuesday: #randomfacts

The other day I heard an interesting statement and it definitely stood out to me.

As children, you are ridiculed for being different and it is encouraged by many to fit in as much as possible. What's funny is when you become adults, you scramble to stand apart from your peers. Kinda confusing, isn't it?

Indeed, it is.

It's no wonder people are thinking so bass-ackwards today.

This is why I am championing the cause to celebrate the differences that make us all unique. I feel like everyone has something random about them that makes them stand out among the masses.

Here are the some highlights of mine:
#___SmartGuyFacts: I refuse to say OMG as I am a grown ass man. That's like calling a man Delicious (c) Ced the Entertainer.

#___SmartGuyFacts: I don't like scary movies. Damn vivid imagination.

#___SmartGuyFacts: I used to believe my next door neighbor was the Gooch. I think it was because he was 16 in the 7th grade.

#___SmartGuyFacts: I am the world's biggest Eddie Murphy (before Dist. Gentleman). After that, he ceased to exist for me.

#___SmartGuyFacts: I watch the Food Network to daydream about restaurants to go to. #innerfatkid #dontjudgeme #passthefries

#___SmartGuyFacts: I used picture Brandy and Monica fighting over me in the song 'The Boy is Mine'. #enoughmetogoaround

#___SmartGuyFacts: I want to start incorporating 90's slang back into my everyday vernacular. #wiggedywack

Now that you've giggled, chortled and laughed to your heart's content, list some things that make you random.

That's my time.
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