Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Danger Zone.

Happy Thursday, folks.

Let's get to it.

Last week, I made the following comment:
Chances are she probably will take you back if you decide to come back after you spread more seeds than a botanical garden; especially if she's up around the danger zone (28 and up and still single/childless).

Ah, yes. The Danger Zone.

It's the time in life when the old biological clock starts ticking like it's on speed.
It's the time where it seems like you are the only single person left in the world.

Yep, you - Mr. Lonely.

For men, it's the time where all of your boys are either married (or about to be), even that one who used to sleep with anything with a vagina... c'mon, don't act like you don't know that dude.

SMART GUY SIDEBAR: This is also when you noticed you're starting to get a little chubby and your hairline is starting to fade into the sunset like Floyd Mayweather, Sr.

For women, it's a similar scenario. It's the time when it seems all of your friends are in meaningful long-term relationships, starting families and taking trips to the Grand Canyon with Skipper, the trusty golden retriever. It's when even the most promiscuous of your friends has settled on penis to ride off into the sunset on with.

This time usually begins for women around the late 20's and for men, the early 30's. It's not an unnatural feeling. Most people don't want to go through life alone; without someone to be by their side, destined to be in a house full of cats, tattered Good Housekeeping magazines and half-full plates of casserole.

They would love to fall in love with their soulmate and grow old together with that person. The problem is that once people enter the danger zone, they begin to (usually) settle.

How else do you explain the picture above?

They start to pursue new relationships (or rekindle old ones) that ultimately are unhealthy for them.

*shaking my head*

It's definitely not a good look to be at this point. My solution: realize that your time is your time and the person you're ultimately supposed to be with will arrive when you least expect it. Enjoy the ride in the meantime.

That's my time.

Let me know about the danger zone. Am I off-base? Anything I miss?
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