Wednesday, August 04, 2010

wookin' pa nub.

It’s seems nowadays most single people feel a certain way. You’re tired of seeing everyone else fall in love. You can only find buck fuddies, OPP’s (other people’s property), lunatics or people who want to be just friends. (Everyone can understand this. At one point or another, you are content for everyone else who is finding that special someone, but, hell, it ain’t you… so [bleep] them!) You are yearning to find a love of your own and unless you live in the land of make-believe, Prince (or Princess Charming) is probably not on their trusty steed, waiting to save you from your current plight.

With that being said, you have to start somewhere.
Waiting on the corner with a sign is more likely to illicit stares, whistles and police sirens than a potential mate. Trying to find a companion is harder than a 16 year old watching the Greatest Licks Hits of Karrine Steffans. It’s a science, an art, a great ability and definitely not an easy task.

How sure are you that you're looking in the right place?
You could be at the supermarket, squeezing melons for their ripeness and Mister/Miss Right could be an aisle away. Think about it. Romance can come from anywhere and any form. Finding it is the most difficult game you'll ever play. And more often than not, it shows up where you're not looking for it (like that movie that you ended up buying again because your boy had stole it).

I'm not one who puts faith in things like horoscopes, luck or fate, but you can't help but wonder about those people got together by circumstances. You know them: the dude who met his girl at that set he almost left early, the chick who wanted her future beau’s best friend to be interested in her - maybe some of y'all should just wearing four-leaf clovers, eating Lucky Charms and carrying a rabbit’s foot everywhere you go.

You probably are pissed at me now because I’m making things harder for to deal with
Not only do I have to have some semblance of sanity, but I have to be lucky, too? Damn!

Not necessarily; unlike in the casinos, this is one of those areas where you can create your own destiny. Just be in the right place at the right time, strategically placed with [insert romantic gift here] and look alluring.  

That’s not so hard, is it?

Now, you have to decide where to find this romance… mmmm… still thinking, trying to figure it out….

OK, you have to look nowhere (don’t want to seem needy) and everywhere (be ready for anything).
It's complex simplicity.

I'm not telling you to stalk your love-to-be with tokens of affection. Do you really want to tell your grandchildren that you were dippin' it low when you met Big Daddy?

Probably not. 

Please don’t think I want you to sit at home and count the holes in your Swiss cheese, either. Just realize that romance can be just down the street, around the corner, or even next door. You just have to be ready to let that vacancy be filled in your Heartbreak Hotel.

You also have to be open to other avenues. Personals, dating services, and meeting people on the Internet have been known to work once in a while (as desperate as that might seem). Now, I'm sure you're looking crazy at your computer screen, shaking your head and thinking that only ugly people sink that low. You also might think that any of those three is a sure-fire way to meet some lunatic, nut-job or freak. However, you probably know someone who has tried the traditional ways of meeting people and still met lunatics, nut-jobs and freaks. Might as well give it a try; being alone is only OK for so long.

But, Mr. Smart Guy, I’m not just going to go out with any Tom, Dick or Rodrigo. 
Why the hell not?

What other options do you really have?
The dude with the lazy eye your aunt is trying to introduce to you?
The chick with the Steve Harvey mustache who gave the eye at Waffle House?

To be happy, you have to throw out your rules:
"I like chicks that are light-skinneded with big boobs."
"He gotta make X amount of money and no kids."
"I ain’t messin with no one who ain’t got a car." 
What ever happened to falling in love with a nigga with a bus pass?!!!

Of all my advice, this is the most important rule to take with you. It doesn’t matter what ways you go about finding someone if you stay too selective. I once heard from a wise soul that selection can be the progression to your erection so always use your discretion.
I still have no idea what that means. 

Know that your lover man could make enough to provide a family (yours and his) or his car could be in the shop. Your dream girl could be that brown-skinned cutie with a big old booty. Keep your eyes and your mind open. It doesn't guarantee that you'll find love, but it will definitely increase your chances.

Be on the lookout. Keep perusing the area for the right person. Leave yourself open, but don't look desperate. That's never good. If you happen to meet a few lunatics along the way, don't give up --- but if it doesn’t work out, there is always reading my stuff…

Until next time…

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