Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Seven-Ten Split.

Good afternoon, good people. Hope all is well. Ok, ok - enough with the pleasantries. Today's story is an educational one.

Here's the scenario:
  • Boy meets girl.
  • Boy and girl hit it off due some type of chemistry (i.e. looks, conversations or money).
  • Boy and girl date for awhile.
  • Boy and/or girl introduce each other to their friends.
  • Boy and girl begin to hang with the above-mentioned friends and/or other couples.
  • Boy and/or girl all of sudden find skeletons in the closet, become randomly bored or cheat and decide to go water someone else's lawn.

Break-ups occur all the time, relationships just don't work out.
Spit happens.

The bigger problem is that along the way, you longer are just yourself. You become the couple and that's how people associate you and when you break up, it's hard to disassociate that thought pattern.

With all that being said, when it's over, it's over.

That means if your mother loves that sweet little girl you brought home for the holidays, she'd better love her son more and delete that number out of her phone.
That means if your homegirl thought dude was mad cool, she'd better decide that chillin' with you is cooler.

I know you're probably wondering why I'm coming off so harsh. The simple way to put it is that no one wants to walk around eggshells when encountering someone they were formerly close with just because you want to be Friendly McHappyFace. If you guys were not friends before, you don't need to be after.

One of my homeboys does an auto-delete off all information/social media connections of the person his friend was no longer close with. His reasoning: "If y'all are done, why do I need to continue on with that person?"

Simple words, true statements.

Wish more folks I knew more folks that thought like that.

Am I crazy for thinking that way? Let me know.

That's my time.
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