Tuesday, May 31, 2011

when the funk hits the fan.


What's this I see? A real blog?

Indeed it is.

Now let me drop some knowledge.

The other day, I did what most folks did on a holiday weekend. I got up, scrubbed my nether regions, put on some clothes and proceeded to find free food at somebody's BBQ. Alas, I found my mecca at my homeboy Kev's place.

It indeed was a fancy shindig. The man had plenty of food and beverages. He even had fancy little cheesecake bites. This was a pretty classy affair.

*tips nose upwards*

Lastly --- what it had in abundance, was conversation. Something about when you get the liquid spirits flowing, talking begins to follow suit. Our unisex crowd of urban professionals covered just about every topic out there from reality TV, to fashion, to sports.

You know we're pretty versatile like that...
*pops collar*

However, one topic in particular stood out to me. We began talking about what attracts someone to someone else. The basics began to fly out: smile, charisma, looks, etc. Then all of sudden, one young lady decided to flip the script.

I like a man's musk.

*cut music*

Come again? Did you just say you like a man's musk?
What in the Desperate Housewives?

The bad thing is that she was not alone in this thinking - she actually had several women co-sign her statement.

I mean, as a man, there are a myriad of things that I am attracted to in a woman but some funk? No bueno.

Color me confused but ummm... I had no idea that sweaty draws were an aphrodisiac.

Makes a brotha wanna go out for a ten-mile run.

That's my time.


Before I go, please tell me... is this way of thinking normal? If so, what are some odd turn-ons for you?

Hit me back. - Mr. Smart Guy
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